Let There Be Light

by Parius

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released January 17, 2017

Louis Thierry // Vocals
Ryan Rauch // Guitar
George Fenton // Guitar
Kenny Rentz // Bass

Written by Louis Thierry & Ryan Rauch
Produced by Parius & Chris Kelly
Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by Chris Kelly
Violins by Michaela Nachtigall
Guest solo on Track 1 by Ryan Knight
Guest solo on Track 4 by Michael Keene
Additional vocals by Chris Kelly & Ryan Rauch
Programming by Chris Kelly & Ryan Rauch
All artwork painted by Moonroot
Art concepts by Louis Thierry, Ryan Rauch, & Moonroot
Graphic design by Scylla

Special thanks to Ryan Knight, Michael Keene, Michaela Nachtigall, Valera Godin, Miranda Mitchell, Katharine Sipio, Caroline Sipio, Lauren Zarutskie, Kyle O'Donnell, John Corry, Tom Stride, Jacques Thierry, Alexi Thierry, Tyler Acker, Peter Ferris, Matt Bacon, Jackie Kelly, Scylla, & our families for their support

© Parius 2017



all rights reserved


Parius Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Upcoming Philadelphia death metal band. Check out our debut, "Saturnine"

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Track Name: Let There Be Light (ft. Ryan Knight)
Mountains that would block the sun
Leave the land in dusk till dawn
The withering of hope's last leaf
Signifies the decline

Beasts circling, sensing prey
Smelling turmoil and dismay
Carrion assemble just in time
Just in time for the feast

Unable to tell night from day
Those cast in shadow start to pray
Believing to be last in line
The chopping block so far away

She seems to be fast asleep
Somber and black
Is this death or just a dream?

Delusion takes control
Obscure the truth within the fold
The brightest light that shines above us
Enveloped by this hole

Gazing up searching for light
Lost inside this raging blight
The last sun that set upon this land
Would be our final peace

Left behind these husks remain
Casting shadows upon the plain
The maw of death hath opened up
Its voracity won't feed to glut

Cry out to the void, wait endlessly for a reply
Waste away day in day out barely kept alive
It was on that day thousands of years ago
The light left never to return to this fragile world

The answers aren't forthcoming,
but perhaps that is answer enough.
Did we deserve this?
Perhaps this is what's left, and all there'll ever be

Mountains that had blocked the sun
Left our land in dusk till dawn
Long ago hope's leaf withered and dried up

Though one day the sun would rise
And cause the filth to raise their eyes
In the spring time the flowers bloom once more,
But they're bleeding inside

Is this somber dream a shade darker than...
Track Name: A Shade Darker Than Black
Fiery the angels rose, and as they rose
Deep thunder rolled around their shores
Indignant burning with the fires of Orc

Is this somber dream a shade darker than black?

Gears underneath
Tell me what you've seen
Your vibrant eyes, a product of my conceit
Planets crossed to hold this communion
Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Crossing abandoned caverns of a fading city
I can feel the rain against my racing heart
It's not easy to meet your maker,
But that's what it is to be a slave

Scrambling hands desperate to find purchase over a bleak landscape
Soaked with what they would later call a second chance
Soaked with what would be the last breath of a fading apparatus

There exists sights beyond belief
But they fade, left in their wake
Attack ships off the shoulder of Orion
C-beams glitter near the Tannhäuser Gate

All those moments lost in time, like tears in the rain

Time to die
Track Name: Another Kind Of Reckoning (ft. Michael Keene)
Assembled in parts, a creation from the darkest of arts
Lonely and abandoned, nameless faceless don't know who I am
Wretched and disgusting, cast out from the temple left to wander the land
Purposeless and left to die, my raison d'etre? Revenge comes to mind

Dead flesh given life, but this life wants to die
Playing god was the sin, that night a man was contrived

Put on trial, kindred we may already be
Pious? What's the difference? What's my god ever done for me?
Righteous yet condemned
Can't see past what they believe
Thy adam I should be,
Satanic daemonic voices speak through me

Just sitting here fearing to live
This man - unafraid to die
Examination of a life
To the last breath we will fight

Stumbling upon the path. Is this truly the way?
Waiting so patiently for the gate of mysteries

Strip yourself of worldly feelings blind your eyes, deafen your ears
This somber dream that's reoccurring paints the world a shade of black
The flowers bloom - the lifeblood of the world will drain away
But I'll remain, I'll carry on towards a shining day

This existence, worthless scraps of metal
Alchemy will turn this worthless corpse to gold, recalling a self most true

But I will be reborn
Embrace a greater form

Heaven's millstone, forsaken for the stars

Another kind of reckoning

Revenge isn't the key to a life worth looking to lead
Let the bastard live what is he to me?
Ascension to new heights is what's been achieved
A monster no more with purpose I've discovered the he